“When a "churchy" religious person says to you: "I don't look like what I've been through." Simply reply: "Yes You Do!"
- Simply Shirley

Simply Shirley Comedienne
Simply Shirley

Clean Christian Comedian Simply Shirley

If laughter truly is good medicine, then “Old School” comedienne Simply Shirley is just what the doctor ordered.

After retiring from working for the federal government she decided to reinvent herself and pursue comedy as a second career. She proclaims that her inner child is now outward bound. In other words there’s still a “whole lot of jelly left in her roll”.

Simply Shirley is making her presence known all over the place. Her unique comedic style of clean comedy and mass appeal allows her to perform for audiences young and old – - from churches to comedy clubs, -- nursery schools to nursing homes - - especially striking a cord with baby boomers, women and seniors.

She has also invaded the corporate world performing at a variety of corporate functions (i.e. Unilever-Lipton Tea Company, Kidney Foundation of Central PA and National Council of Negro Women – Reston Chapter). Her performances are rated “E” for everyone.

Simply Shirley considers herself to be an eight track gal in an Ipad world and confesses she doesn’t know a hash tag from a hash brown.

Simply Shirley declares that clean comedy is her ministry and has found that the everyday things of life make for the best comedy. She is a member of the Christian Comedy Association (CCA). Proverbs 17:22 says: “A merry heart is good medicine……”, and Simply Shirley does her best to take the stuff of life, turn it into a good dose of medicine, and make ‘em laugh.