"You haven't lived until you have zits and gray hair at the same time.
I feel like a pubescent retiree."
- Simply Shirley

Simply Shirley is an “old school” comedienne who is making her presence known. Her unique comedic style of clean comedy and mass appeal has taken her to a variety of venues performing for young and old - - especially striking a cord with baby boomers, women and seniors.

Simply Shirley is a funny female christian stand-up comedian and a member of the Christian Comedy Association (CCA).

Simply Shirley is featured in the Philadelphia Tribune article, "Clean, Christian Comedy comes to Philly".

I don’t think that a lot of comedians get it that people don’t want to hear about sex in every joke. There are many people who are like me and just enjoy good humor...That’s why people tell me over and over how refreshing it is to have a good laugh with clean comedy,” she said. (read full article)
~ Written by Arlene Edmonds

Willie Brown & Friends

Simply Shirley is featured as one of the "Comedy Doctors" on the Clean Comedy Clinic network a 24-Hour comedy station featuring comedy for the whole family.

Check out Dr. Simply Shirley on the Clean Comedy Clinic.

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